Add method to run a script from DBus directly

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David Edmundson

loadScriptInInteractiveConsole requires user interaction which blocks
some purposes, like setting the desktop background from an app.

This runs a given script directly from a passed string without any prompts.

CCBUG: 217950


I also toyed with returning the value of a script as a QDBusVariant, thoughts?

Should I not run if widgets are locked?

Ran this:
var allDesktops = desktops();
print (allDesktops);

for (i=0;i<allDesktops.length;i++) {
d = allDesktops[i];
d.wallpaperPlugin = "org.kde.image";
d.currentConfigGroup = Array("Wallpaper", "org.kde.image", "General");
d.writeConfig("Image", "file:///home/david/pictures/Wallpapers/northern_lights-wide.jpg")

also ran some with errors, that behaved as expected too.


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