Avoid the occurrence of invisible blocks. Fixes bugs #333694 and #344506

Review Request #125578 - Created Oct. 10, 2015 and submitted

Julian Helfferich
333694, 344506

When a full line is removed from the field the topmost line is not updated. This leads to the occurrence of "invisible blocks" filling the respective columns. The patch adds a loop filling the topmost line with empty cells.

The patch has been suggested by GJ in the discussion to bug #333694.

  • Filled a column up to the topmost line
  • Removing several lines from the field (by filling them)
  • Confirmed that the columns are accessible, i.e. that they are no longer filled with invisible blocks.
Julian Helfferich
Albert Astals Cid
Julian Helfferich
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Status: Closed (submitted)

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Submitted with commit 65a1b8136535758c77f66b505255206fd13f3117 by Julian Helfferich to branch master.