Use NETRootInfo to initiate wm move operation

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David Rosca

Also remove hack that messes with cursor position, which results in window sometimes rendered in wrong position for a moment after starting window move.

I'm not sure why there was added a button release before ungrabbing pointer in startDrag(), but it works fine without it.

Moving windows still works.
I cannot reproduce the issue described in comment of the mentioned hack.

Martin Flöser
David Edmundson
Hugo Pereira Da Costa
David Rosca
Hugo Pereira Da Costa
David Rosca
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Submitted with commit ca72ca904f7fb8872667322bf5143e2b81eaf2f3 by Hugo Pereira Da Costa on behalf of David Rosca to branch Plasma/5.4.
Harald Sitter

This was commited as 454483b51f86f0b15403ffdf6643735100080565 (in Plasma/5.4)
Chronological later commit b2c06365a27fb89e61ce00831fdfa949627c1e24 (in master)
then restored the mouse override with an ifdef.
No clue which of the two should win in a merge. Therefore I can't merge 5.4->master. Maybe someone could fix that please.

  1. Second commit wins. What do I need to do to fix ? Cherry-pick it in 5.4 ? I'm no expert on merging branches. Instructions welcome.


  2. git checkout master
    git pull
    git merge origin/Plasma/5.4

    then you can resolve the confict. git mergetool would give you some kind of UI to help with that (I recommend using kdiff3 as mergetool)

  3. ok. Done. Thanks for the help !