Unselect text when the text tool is deactivated.

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David Faure
Otherwise text remains selected in Stage after switching to another
shape, which is very unexpected.



David Faure
Camilla Boemann
David Faure
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Added screenshot. Steps to reproduce: select text in a text box, then click on the "Shape Handling Tool" tab, then click on another text shape.

Indeed if I start editing in that second text shape the selection in the first one disappears. It just looks quite odd to be in this situation where text is selected even though I'm not editing that box anymore. I admit that nothing really bad happens from there (it doesn't actually show as selected if I start the presentation), but it just looks buggy. And indeed I can even switch slides and come back, and this piece of text is still selected.

But maybe the fix isn't the one I'm providing here.

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Camilla Boemann

ahh - well i still think the solution is wrong and i am in berlin for the qt world summit so no near my home computer, but will take a look when I get a chance

  1. Ping? This issue is still there.

Camilla Boemann
I'd prefer if this doesn't go in
In words at least it's on purpose that we keep the text selection. 1) because we wan't it to be selected so other tools can work with it 2) we want it to be there when the text tool is reactivated

some other solution might eventually work like not render the selection if the current tool doesn't want it to be rendered