kcm_kamera: Double calls to load() lead to strange scrollbars after saving a change

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Christian Butcher
kdegraphics, plasma

The displayGPSuccessDialogue(void) function calls load() as its last statement currently.

Documentation for the KCModule api (both kde4 and frameworks) informs the reader that load() is called at the end of construction - consequently it seems that the additional load() call leads to the function (which is implemented as KKameraConfig::load() ) being called twice.

Bug 236844 may be related but at least on my KF5 based system, this does not cause or prevent a crash, which is referenced in the bug.

Separately, COPYING-CMAKE-SCRIPTS is referenced by the FindGphoto2.cmake file, and seems to have missed the commit in RR-125230. If this was intentional, then my apologies for readding here, but if so, the FindGphoto2.cmake file will need changing in some way.

When the call is present, opening the Kamera KCM within systemsettings after saving changes and going back to the main systemsettings view leads to a strange set of scrollbars.

With the additional call removed, the KCM-Kamera opens properly on the second attempt, after saving changes.

As a camera to test, the first (in the scroll list) serial port camera is 'Achiever Digital Adc65'. 'Barbie' may be easier to find as the first entry for 'B', and is also more memorable... I used a serial camera, since then the kcm will load images even without a camera connected


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Christian Butcher
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