Add some advanced validation for WPA/WPA2 Enterprise

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Jan Grulich

This patch adds dependency on QCA which is used for validation of private key in TLS EAP method. It now checks whether the private key is in PKCS12 format and if can be decrypted with given private key password. If it's in PKCS12 format, the same path for the private key is also set as the client certificate path, because it's bundled with the private key (BUG 351191). If the private key is PEM file (.pem, .key) it just checks whether the private key can be decrypted with given private key password. I didn't find out the way how to open private keys in DER format yet, but I read that it's mostly used in Windows anyway. Also, if the private key is not in PKCS12 format, we also have to check whether the client certificate is set.

Lamarque Souza
Jan Grulich
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