[Cantor] Drop KGlobalSettings and implements a substitute to KGlobalSettings::kdisplayPaletteChanged

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Filipe Saraiva
apol, arieder, michalhumpula, whiting

Hi devs, I am finishing the drop of KDELibs4Support from Cantor. I am removing KGlobalSettings now, but I need to port kdisplayPaletteChanged signal. I wrote this patch based on this accepted review request 114619 but I don't know if it is correct.

Well, just say me if it is ok for the moment. I don't know how to test specifically this feature.

  • Build ok;
  • Installation ok;
  • I used Cantor for some time, looks like ok.
Jeremy Whiting
Filipe Saraiva
Filipe Saraiva
Jeremy Whiting
Filipe Saraiva
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Submitted with commit b0ba31c71348d4924d9db561d1d54751a9d52b37 by Filipe Saraiva to branch master.
Dominik Haumann

I'm a bit late to this, but does this really work?

In KTextEditor, we install an event filter to the qApp, and check for the event type PaletteChange, and then update our caches.
Trying to use qApp::paletteChanged() does nothing when changing the KDE Color scheme...

Does this patch really work for Cantor???