Desktop Grid overhaul

Review Request #125228 - Created Sept. 14, 2015 and submitted

Thomas Lübking
commit d71d61a8ae847c65838575c7effd9e98b4048b75

    desktop grid: allow desktop to cross screens

    While the main plasma desktop containment does one
    desktop per screen, that does not necessarily hold
    for other containments, let alone other desktop shells

commit 04df903ca3c0f46cfc98910612ddfb9d6b44de61

    desktop grid: general cleanup

    code cleanups and minor fixes

commit bca905c33e339df7d1979335e42bb76130bfc2ef

    desktop grid: set desktop when moving stickies

    Notably on presentwindows invocation, there would
    be no point in moving the window otherwise itfp

commit 6a0c9af8746dd12156155a325eb0c1f79c38a2e7

    desktop grid: less branches for isOnAllDesktops

    just cleanup, no functional change intended

commit feb625a5a7171bd7b3195c4e6307b54c06dc9a0c

    desktop grid: brightness doesn't flicker here

    May have been fixed interim?

commit 329525278b6fa24a3e68de97c816e96a3e1a86e8

    desktop grid: zoom hovered window

    To indicate that the window is "active" ie. can
    be dragged or activated (like in present windows)
    There was either a bug or a forum post complaining
    about the inability to activate windows from DG

commit 3a168557e5102c13e6a94f39cf174af9d962e563

    desktop grid: vector instead of qhash for buttons

    They're only traversed and QHash is unordered - so
    the worst container. Also we have complete control
    over the maintained class, so we can just keep the
    mapped EffectWindow there

commit b66e810c7abeb00a73aedb0acd6b05596062d324

    desktop grid: offset buttons from screen edge

    mostly aesthetical but also to keep them away
    from the (potentially) assigned electric border

commit 0fbbfe012dd5ecdfa211a7d18ae1dbde9a94575f

    desktop grid: add option to hide buttons

    one does indeed not change the desktop count
    that often...

commit 0073c764deeff56dda4be25d916f5acfdcec1656

    desktop grid: use -/+ text buttons

    esp. the list-remove icon looks like "delete" and
    can cause worries about what happens to the windows

    as a bonus, the buttons now follow the DPI. are a
    little smaller (presently might fit touch devices? but
    is way to huge on "normal" desktops with ordinary DPI)
    and the buttons have nice visible animations on pressing



Thomas Lübking
Thomas Lübking
Martin Flöser
Thomas Lübking
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