Update the GTK icon cache when installing.

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Volker Krause
Despite the name this is also used by Qt, and considerably speeds up
icon lookup.

Installed with and without existing cache, cache is correctly updated and ends up in the expected place.

Marco Martin
Volker Krause
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Submitted with commit 92cd2b667c04e18fd66986e8a42a53c052f5b5a0 by Volker Krause to branch master.
Bhushan Shah

From packagers POV

Shouldn't this be handled by packages at post-install time? For example packages already update xdg icon resource cache in post install

I understand that on normal developers machine this post-install stuffs are not there. But then this needs to be optional

  1. Correct :)

    That's exactly what this patch is doing (the DESTDIR check disables it for packagers, so this is only for developer builds). The packages we checked indeed do this correctly already with post install hooks.

  2. Oops, sorry for not reading properly.. :\

    Also that made me discover breeze package in Arch Linux doesn't do that(!)