expose the WheelMouseZooms global setting through the input ("mouse") KCM

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René J.V. Bertin
kde-mac, kde-workspace, kdelibs

KDE4 has been providing a setting that (would have) allowed to avoid unwanted text zooming during simulated inertial scrolling (scroll coasting). KDE PIM applications were immune to that issue because certain KDELibs classes use the parameter, which made it all the more annoying that other (e.g. Kate-based) applications weren't. Sadly this setting wasn't published via a GUI.

This patch adds a checkbox to the input ("mouse") KCM which seemed like the most appropriate place if not only because it also makes sense to provide this KCM on non-X11 platforms like OS X and MS Windows (where settings like "double or single click" are relevant).

I consider this a fix of an omission bug, but I realise that it could also be considered a new feature, so this RR is also intended to give some public exposure to my patch rather than keeping it to myself.

For now only on OS X with kdelibs 4.14.11 .


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