Support for Dpms

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Martin Flöser
broulik, sebas
Allows to retrieve the OutputInterface* for a given native wl_resource.
To support this we need to track the resources bound for each Output.

[server] Add a DpmsManagerInterface

Adding support for a org_kde_kwin_dpms interface. On server side
Dpms is mostly bound to the OutputInterface exposing just a very
small manager. Whether Dpms is supported and which mode is used is
tracked directly on the OutputInterface.

[client] Dpms protocol

[tests] Add an example for the Dpms interface

Uses QWidgets to render a very small UI.
* lists each Output
* for each output shows whether dpms is supported
* and which dpms mode it's in
* and provides a button to change the mode

[autotests] Extend tests for Dpms

See added test application.


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