Interact with hyperlinks in TextSelect mode (supercedes 124723)

Review Request #124961 - Created Aug. 28, 2015 and discarded

Jake Linder


  • Rebase to apply cleanly against just-merged 172d78c (Trim Selection Feature)
  • Drop the refactoring patch (seperate problem), sticking with the code duplication for now.
  • Added seperate patch (post changes) fixing whitespace issue in gargantuan switch statement. Take it or leave it.
  • cursor switches to Hand when hovering over link in TextSelect mode.
  • clicking on hyperlink jumps to destination in TextSelect mode.
  • text selection & copy still works.
  • can text-select "over and across" hyperlink.
  • can text-select starting at text and ending selection in middle of hyperlink.
  • can text-select starting from hyperlink with click and drag.
  • can jump to link while there's an active selection of text.
  • can jump to link while there's an active selection spanning a hyperlink.
  • doesn't crash when switching away from window and back + clicking off page
  • when textselect overlaps a link, r-click on the link gives the "follow this link" content menu, r-click off link gives the "Copy Text"/etc' context menu
  • text selection works when selecting left to right or right to left (begin/end selection works out no matter in what order user provides them)
Albert Astals Cid
Jake  Linder
Albert Astals Cid
Albert Astals Cid
Jake  Linder
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Status: Discarded