[Panelconfig] Add more / fix constraints in the position/size handles

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David Kahles

Prevent users from moving the panel off the monitor, and prevent users
from moving a panel with center alignment to the left (right) and then
pull one of the right (left) sliders to the right (left). Because the
left and right sliders are coupled, this would make the left (right)
sliders to go off the monitor.

Also fix that the left (right) sliders cannot be moved over the middle.
(In fact they can by using the offset slider, but as soon as on of the
left (right) handles are dragged, it sets the position back to the
I really don't know the reason for this behavior, and everything
works fine (or even better) without it. Does someone know whether this is needed and why?

Also delete the default values for min/maxPosition in the SliderHandle,
as every handle sets its own min/maxPositions now.

And should I add such checks also to panelview.cpp to prevent loading an invalid panel position/size from the config?
(Though this should only happen when a user changes the config manually) There are some checks, but not everything is checked..

I know no way to set an invalid position/size as I could before. It works for horizontal and vertical panels.

David Kahles
David Edmundson
Marco Martin
David Kahles
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