Re-render 5.4 wallpapers with 4x antialiasing and a split noise, compress them.

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Nikita Skovoroda
davidedmundson, mklapetek

Atm, 5.4 wallpapers have pixelated lines and blurred noise (the same as for 5.3).

I re-rendered them using the same script (4x supersample antialiasing and split noise).

Split noise means that the noise pattern is not scaled for the different resolution wallpapers (which looked bad on both too low and too high resolutions), but is post-applied and tiled.

I uploaded the renders and the patch against the 'breeze' repo to

Also there is an updated version of the script (, but the only difference from the previous version is that I added some more comments at the top.

When reviewing, everything should be viewed at 1:1 scale.

I also uploaded a separate patch to add a 1366x768 resolution wallpaper, it's (sadly) still rather popular and not covered by any of the existing resolutions without downscaling or cropping from both edges.

Just opened the wallpapers at 1:1 scale and compared them.
Also I put the corresponding resolution version as my current wallpaper =).


Nikita Skovoroda
Nikita Skovoroda
Nikita Skovoroda
Nikita Skovoroda
Nikita Skovoroda
Ben Cooksley
Ken Vermette
Nikita Skovoroda
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