Fix segfaults in kcm_keyboard

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Maxim Mikityanskiy

There are two scenarios that lead to segfault in kcm_keyboard.

  1. Run kcmshell5 keyboard; switch to the second tab; in layouts table double-click on item in third column so that combo box appears; click on empty space in layouts table; [Preview] button does not get deactivated; click on that button and see kcm_keyboard crashing.
  2. Run kcmshell5 keyboard; switch to the second tab; modify something so that [Reset] button becomes active; select any row in layouts table; click on [Reset]; row becomes deselected, but [Preview] button is still active; click on that button and see kcm_keyboard crashing.

[Preview] button should become inactive when no rows are selected, but in these two scenarios it doesn't. KCMKeyboardWidget::layoutSelectionChanged slot does not get called in these two cases. What happens in described cases:

  1. layoutsTableModel emits dataChanged signal. KCMKeyboardWidget::uiChanged slot gets called. LayoutsTableModel::refresh is called, then in QAbstractItemModel::endResetModel modelReset signal is emitted, QAbstractItemView::reset slot gets called, and it calls QItemSelectionModel::reset. QItemSelectionModel::reset disables signals and calls QItemSelectionModel::clear that calls QItemSelectionModel::clearSelection, but signals are disabled, so itemSelectionChanged is not emitted, and KCMKeyboardWidget::layoutSelectionChanged is not called.
  2. KCMKeyboard::load calls KCMKeyboardWidget::updateUI that calls LayoutsTableModel::refresh. All following calls are in the same order as in case 1.

I propose to call KCMKeyboardWidget::layoutSelectionChanged manually after problematic refreshes to update buttons state. It's not the best fix, there still may be places where manual call of layoutSelectionChanged is needed, but at least it fixes two segfaults.

David Edmundson
Maxim Mikityanskiy
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