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Dominik Haumann
broulik, sebas

The disk quota is usually used in enterprise installations where network shares are mounted locally. Typically, sysadmins want to avoid that users copy lots of data into their folders, and therefor set quotas (the quota limit has nothing to do with the physical size of a partition). Typically, once a user gets over the hard limit of the quota, the account is blocked and the user cannot login anymore. This happens from time to time, since the users are not really aware of the current quota limit and the already used disk space.

Here is where the "Disk Quota" plasmoid helps: It continusouly monitors the disk quota and warns the quota apprpriately.

A detailed description including screenshots can be found in this blog:

(I had a KDE4 hack of this plasmoid running at university, and it proved very usable over the years, so it is probably a good idea to have it by default in plasma)

- the panel icon is larger than the others (some wrong margin?)
- an icon for the metadata.desktop is missing (the shipped quota.svg file is not available here, it seems).
- the grid units probably need some more tuning

Tested combinations:
- no quota installed: A nice message is displayed telling the user that 'quota' is missing.
- quota installed, but no quota restrictions set: The applet says "No quota restrictions found"
- quota installed, quotas active: The applet continuously shows the data. The quota entries are in a QAbstractItemModel derived class, so inserting/removing quotas all works (tested).
- filelight installed: the item under mouse gets highlighted. If clicked, filelight starts with the correct location.


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