Handle GPS suspend/resume and Open KML, GPX and OSM files

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Dennis Nienhüser

At the moment GPS stays turned on when switching to a different app on Android. This should only be done when GPS is actively used e.g. for turn-by-turn navigation which we have not implemented yet. The patch catches the suspension state changes and shuts down or restarts position tracking accordingly.
While working on that I came across an easy way to retrieve file name arguments (or rather the Android equivalent way of handling it) and included that as well, using pretty much the same logic as on the Desktop. To handle this more application specific code I introduced a new class MarbleMaps which derives from MarbleQuickItem, but is located in apps/marble-maps and not declarative/MarbleQuickItem.

Switching between Marble Maps, homescreen and other apps on Nexus 4+7.
Tested opening some gpx, kml and osm files on Nexus 4+7.


Dennis Nienhüser
Dennis Nienhüser
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