Show a dialog if Plasma failed to create an OpenGL Context

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David Edmundson

Show a dialog if Plasma failed to create an OpenGL Context.

remove that "shutup" option we had, it was a workaround for an issue with Qt5.1 spewing warnings constantly.

Normal plasma is the same as before.
I don't know how to break my openGL, but placing a random qFatal() with the same error message got my dialog perfectly.


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Martin Klapetek
Martin Klapetek
David Edmundson
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Submitted with commit 727852897203fb750d9a06f04b78b07527573948 by David Edmundson to branch master.
Martin Flöser

Could you add a call to


before showing the warning message - just to be sure that it doesn't try creating another GL context and dies on it.

  1. on it, thanks

Martin Klapetek

FYI, This may not entirely work as shows

  1. ack, there's a new message that we're not catching.

    I don't know what the string is though.

  2. I was thinking we could maybe check the GL version ourselves at the very start?
    There's a glXQueryVersion function for it. That would effectively catch all these
    crashes on no GL..?

  3. you can find the new string in

    But there seems to be a better way according to

    Apparently we can get a signal on the QQuickWindow.

  4. Worth looking into, definitely.

    Though I don't know if a version check will catch the nvidia problem. The library will return something valid till you try to actually make some ioctl call to the missing kernel module.

    With regards to version checking, Fedora have an interesting patch they do with openGL version checks. See

  5. @Martin
    OOoooh, that's way better. ++