gsoc: Keeping OsmPlacemarkData synchronized with geometries while editing

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Marius Stanciu

In order to achieve this, the following has been done:

Wherever geometries are altered within the annotate plugin, I also modified the osmPlacemarkData objects accordingly
Eg: -a node is deleted =======> a reference within the osmData for that node is removed
-a node is moved =======> the reference of that node within the osmData is changed to the new coordinates

I also realised there's one extra case at writing time i haven't thought of:
Placemarks might have semi-initialized osmData.
Eg. a polygon is loaded from an ".osm" file with complete OsmData. In the editor, a new innerBoundary is added. This new
boundary does not yet have osmData ).

In order to take this case in consideration, I modified the OsmObjectManager to check for such a case.

Tested every case: loading placemarks from files, creating placemarks, modifying loaded placemarks in every way that i thought of. The results are okay.
There are a lot of ways to modify placemarks, I might have skipped a few please report any bugs :)


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