ksmserver: restore support for autostart scripts; migrate them from the KDE4 dir

Review Request #124534 - Created July 30, 2015 and submitted

David Faure
Commit f913e251fe6 removed this, due to a porting bug: both klauncher
(XDG autostart using .desktop files) and ksmserver (kde-specific scripts)
were ported to look at the same directory (~/.config/autostart),
leading to double autostart. The right fix, however, is to use
a different directory for scripts, I called it ~/.config/autostart-scripts.

BUG: 338242
REVIEW: 124534

Logged out and back in many times :)

My autostart folder got copied correctly, including symlinks


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This chunk seems to be very self contained and not even running the autostart. It's merely copying kde 4.x.x files ... Mark Gaiser Mark Gaiser
You're mixing coding styles here. This looks different (more use of spaces) then the above chunk. Perhaps run AStyle with ... Mark Gaiser Mark Gaiser
This should indeed be qCWarning(KSMSERVER) (as well as the others) Martin Klapetek Martin Klapetek
David Faure
Mark Gaiser
David Faure
Mark Gaiser
Martin Klapetek
David Faure
Mark Gaiser
Jeremy Whiting
David Faure
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