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Kai Uwe Broulik

Update the targetSize when it changes to ensure when resolution changes, we update the image. Also, since the view initially has a 1024x768 size it would just load that image and never use the full resolution leaving you with an ugly blurry image (used to work at some point though iirc)

Also don't bother loading anything until everything has settled and the size is the final one. This potentially improves startup performance by saving a bit of IO.

At least in Scaled mode I can no longer see a difference between the image opened in Gwenview and on the Desktop. For some reason it still stretches it when I use Scale and Crop although it loads the 2560x1440 image. Changed screen resolution and it loaded a new image.

That test image in the bug report looks fine to me now. Ok, no, that image doesn't go through that target size thing probably so did not change.

Kai Uwe Broulik
Marco Martin
Kai Uwe Broulik
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Kai Uwe Broulik

One thing I noticed that it now sometimes choses the old Next wallpaper from 5.2. I have files of both in the package because it didn't overwrite them (5.2 is JPEG, 5.3 is PNG), it seems to get confused by this at times.