[Cantor] Port plugin load mechanism to new KDE Frameworks 5 way

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Filipe Saraiva
apol, arieder, sebas

There is a new way to load plugins in KDE Frameworks 5 way. I ported Cantor plugins support to it. Now Cantor is using K_PLUGIN_FACTORY_WITH_JSON, the plugin path is the same of Qt5 ($QT_PLUGIN_PATH) and different types of Cantor plugins are installed in different subdirectories (backends in backends in ${KDE_INSTALL_PLUGINDIR}/cantor/backends, assistants in ${KDE_INSTALL_PLUGINDIR}/cantor/assistants, and panels in ${KDE_INSTALL_PLUGINDIR}/cantor/panels). KPluginInfo was changed to KPluginMetaData too.

To do it I followed the documentation and this post about KDE Frameworks 5 plugins by sebas.

  • Build ok;
  • The plugins are loaded correctly;
  • Select some backend and see the Cantor loading assistants and panels;
  • Utilized some assistants, panels and backends, looks like correct.


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I would like to get some tips about how to port that kcoreaddons_desktop_to_json to the new way. How I change ... Filipe Saraiva Filipe Saraiva
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Filipe Saraiva
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