Rework the notifications sizing code

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Martin Klapetek
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This reworks the notification sizing computation to use Layouts. This should fix all the popup sizing issues there are (including a binding loop error).

Now it also properly elides after max 4 lines of text.

I've been running it for couple hours, all notifications have correct sizes, see screenshot


David Edmundson
Sebastian Kügler
Jens Reuterberg
Martin Klapetek
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Submitted with commit 707a9b0bc74af62cdf1fe04cf11c6163a5006518 by Martin Klapetek to branch Plasma/5.3.
Alexander Potashev

Sorry for off-topic, is it possible to see the full text that was elided? If not, I'm going to file a feature request on bko.

  1. No; notifications should really be short and meaningfull, placing 10 lines text inside a notification kinda defeats the purpose of the notifications and such notifications should be fixed at the source.

  2. I'm not asking to make the whole notification text visible right away. We can add a button that would expand the notification or open its full version in a dialog.