Added macros and some bulk classes to be able to compile Marble with Qt for Android

Review Request #124064 - Created June 10, 2015 and discarded

Gábor Péterffy

It successfully compiles the source code for Android, but the final apk is bad (fix will be in a following patch, also there can be some problems with res/libs.xml and with the resources).

So the only purpose of this patch to have a source code which can be compiled for Android without compilation errors.

Some instructions to compile it:

Obvious crash without loading anything, but this is supposed to happen:)


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Eeeeww - gutting the MarbleLegendBrowser and providing an alternative empty implementation this way looks quite scary to me. I wonder ... Torsten Rahn Torsten Rahn
See my comments about this approach for the MarbleLegendBrowser. Torsten Rahn Torsten Rahn
See above. I'm actually a bit surprised that we still use the "TinyWebBrowser". Originally it was a QTextBrowser based webbrowser ... Torsten Rahn Torsten Rahn
does not make sense to me immediately. Can you explain this change? Dennis Nienhüser Dennis Nienhüser
same here, what is the intention? have some of the classes available later on when building a custom Android app ... Dennis Nienhüser Dennis Nienhüser
if (NOT ANDROID) ... endif() no need for the empty block. Dennis Nienhüser Dennis Nienhüser
Torsten Rahn
Dennis Nienhüser
Gábor Péterffy
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