Implement multiple DND selection

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Ragnar Thomsen
elvisangelaccio, rkcosta

This patch implements multiple drag'n'drop selection. This is used when dragging multiple files from Ark to e.g. Dolphin for extraction. It's based partially on work done by Raphael in the multiple-dnd-selection branch. However, in the multiple-dnd-selection branch, each cluster of files with a common parent node had to be run in an individual ExtractJob. This patch does the following:

  1. Create a struct fileRootNodePair, which contains two QStrings: The filename including relative path and a RootNode.
  2. fileRootNodePair is passed as first argument to ExtractJob::ExtractJob (in a QVariant).

This allows us to pass an individual RootNode for each file, enabling the extraction to be done in a single ExtractJob, which is more appropriate since the UI can then display the total number of entries being extracted and a single progress bar.

The CLI plugins, e.g. zip and rar, still extract with full path, due to not supporting RootNodes. However, this is a separate issue and will be fixed in another commit.

  1. Selecting and dragging a subfolder from an archive results in the folder being extracted without path to destination and all its subfolders/files being extracted with relative path (i.e. path below selected subfolder).
  2. Selecting and dragging one or more files results in the file being extracted without path.
  3. A single job tracker is displayed with the total number of files+folders and the progress bar works as expected.
  4. Selecting and dragging files/folders from zip/rar archives results in the selected entries being extracted with full path.
  5. Batch-extracting using ark -b <archive> works as expected.


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