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Kai Uwe Broulik
plasma, usability

This turns KRunner's TextField into an editable ComboBox to provide a history.

When a result is invoked, the query string is prepended to the history, query strings are only added once. ComboBox provides letter-by-letter auto completion.

Somehow I have a feeling it doesn't always save the history or nukes it at times. It also has some shortcomings due to ComboBox:

1.) You cannot use the arrow keys to cycle between entries (when the popup's not opened) because arrow keys navigate through results
2.) forceActiveFocus() on the ComboBox will not activate the embedded TextField - when you had opened the popup there's a slight chance the input field won't get focussed I'll prepare a Qt patch for this.
3.) Before Qt 5.4.2 (not sure if my patch ended up in 5.4.1) pressing space in the edit combobox will open the popup, not insert a space (nasty show stopper)
4.) Plasma's edtiable ComboBox looks a bit strange imho
5.) Plasma's editable ComboBox doesn't support clearButtonShown
6.) Plasma's ComboBox has strange bullets and margins in it, that's probably a bug in Plasma Style (need to look what Desktop style does differently from us)
7.) ComboBox doesn't have a cursorPosition, I'll prepare a Qt patch for this.



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