Fix some incorrect GUI strings

Review Request #123879 - Created May 22, 2015 and submitted

Burkhard Lück

docbook -> GCompris is a KDE project now

Shortcuts in KDE are by default written in uppercase (as displayed on the keyboard) and joined with "+" see menu in any KDE application
Order of icons has changed, therefore removed " from right to left"
Tux Plane icon replaced by letter G
Lips icon - I have never seen it in the GUI
Added Reload icon description

In activities/click_on_letter/ + activities/click_on_letter_up/ I have no mouth icon in the GUI
Wrong description or missing icon?
mouth is called Lips in ActivityInfo.qml, should be named consistent

Some general findings, not covered in this patch:

Changing the language needs a restart of GCompris here, broken behavior or should it be noted in the GUI?

From a translators pov the missing translations in Section look strange



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Burkhard Lück
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Submitted with commit f9cbd15dc26193717063bc8ad9ca1c2a146e14f7 by Johnny Jazeix on behalf of Burkhard Lück to branch KDE/0.40.