missing initialisation of PageViewPrivate::aFitWindowToPage

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René J.V. Bertin
kde-mac, okular

PageViewPrivate::aFitWindowToPage isn't initialised to NULL like aMouseMagnifier is, and this leads to jumping to an uninitialised address when aFitWindowToPage->setEnabled() is called.

This patch initialises the member to NULL, and adds a check in PageView::slotRelayoutPages().

On OS X 10.9 with kdelibs 4.14.7 and Qt 4.8.7 . This patch prevents a crash that would otherwise occur quickly after doing File/Print Preview.

Jeremy Whiting
René J.V. Bertin
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Submitted with commit 42e03ce9bf6ec9d4c7f1c19c10a14c886dbd7427 by René J.V. Bertin to branch master.