Extract messages from Modules/base into the catalog kcminfo

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Burkhard Lück
l10n, plasma

Code from Modules/base is pulled into the library generated in Modules/info (see info/CMakeLists.txt)
so we need to do that for the translations as well

Patch has to be applied for 5.3 + master and the language catalogs have to be merged as well

Running KInfocenter in locale x-test with translation manually merged from catalog kcm_infobase into catalog kcminfo
shows the prevoiusly untranslated string now translated in the GUI

Lukáš Tinkl
Burkhard Lück
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Submitted with commit 8ed18417609ef64d1c4002913d9d8f5c36275bad by Burkhard Lück to branch Plasma/5.3.