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Burkhard Lück
docs, kdeframeworks
* replace link in install-compile.docbook to page with kde4 specific instructions with link to main page of techbase
  following the old link to the user is greeted with 
  "These build instructions are outdated as of 2012..." and all infos on that page are about kde4, not about kf5.
  (we need a page on techbase with instructions how to build kf5 applications)

* install-intro.docbook
  remove usage of entity &package; kde does only release single application tarballs (with a few exceptions like calligra, kdepim, kdewebdev)
  &kde-ftp; and &FTP; are gone you can get source tarballs afaik only via

The target audience of the application docbooks are users installing packages from distribution; not users building from sources.
Therefore we should remove the appendix "installation" using the entities install-compile.docbook and install-intro.docbook in kf5 application handbooks
and remove these entities in KF 6

The obsolete ftp link in install-intro.docbook is a bug and should be fixed in master/kdelibs and stable/kdelibs and stable/kdoctools kf5 as well

Luigi Toscano
Burkhard Lück
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