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Thomas Lübking
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Errhemmmm... while we're waiting for final comments of the HIG group ;-)
Here's a patch that mostly restores the 5.2 behavior

Notable differences:

1) The minimizability of windows is ignored. It's a cornercase, but the former behavior was a side-effect of the implementation. (At least I don't know a reason to keep them)

2) The state is broken with the activation of windows, not them becoming visible. Latter doesn't work for most cases (unminimizing) for obvious reasons (they're not minimized ;-) and when a new window is mapped, the focus stealing prevention seems a good filter (if it's not good enough to gain the focus, it's not good enough to break the state either ;-)

3) Keep above windows remain visible and do not break the state (as if they'd belong to the desktop) for a request by the HIG group. I'm frankly not sure about the background of this behavior (hopefully not krunner - that doesn't work)

4) Windows in the desktop group initially remain above the desktop and can be activated w/ breaking the state, but can also hide behind the desktop (notably when that is clicked/activated)

Marco Martin
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Thomas Lübking
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Thomas Lübking
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Submitted with commit eb789e43e317fbb25fbd1f51d0edf9800f8c002a by Thomas Lübking to branch Plasma/5.3.