Load translation catalog, make lupdate silent

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Yuri Chornoivan

Curently, there are problems with messages extraction using the Messages.sh script similar to this (adopted from Trojita):

! /bin/bash

xgettext-generated .po files use different context than QObject::tr.

The generated files use something like a file name while QObject::tr expects

class names. This approach works.

rm -f "${podir}/kreenshot-editor.ts"
lupdate -silent -recursive src/ -ts "${podir}/kreenshot-editor.ts"
lconvert "${podir}/kreenshot-editor.ts" --sort-contexts --output-format pot -o "${podir}/kreenshot-editor.pot"
rm "${podir}/kreenshot-editor.ts"

This patch is to remove such troubles.

Compiles, installs, even looks partially translated into Ukrainian.

Gregor Mi
Yuri Chornoivan
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