kioclient ls: properly construct QUrl.

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Mark Gaiser

The ls command was using direct user input as QUrl. That in turn caused the QUrl to be constructed without a scheme. Constructing it via makeURL(...) (like all the others do) makes it a valid QUrl with scheme. This allows for example a command like "kioclient ls ~" to work again. Again because it worked in the kdelibs version thus this was a regression.

kioclient ls <path> works. No need to prefix the path with "file://" anymore.

Mark Gaiser
Aleix Pol Gonzalez
David Faure
Mark Gaiser
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Submitted with commit 787bdf628fdf9f74c978363e07ddad0ae306d8bf by Mark Gaiser to branch master.
Mark Gaiser

Pushed. But slightly different then was reviewed here.
I added the define which subsequently gave me two more issues of the same nature in kioclient (cat and openProperties).
I've fixed those as well and changed the commit message accordingly. Yes, i did test them before pushing and they seem to work just fine now.

  1. Wonderful. Thanks!