ktp-kded-module status handler multiple account presence

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James Smith
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cermak, davidedmundson, lucasbetschart, mklapetek

New classes:
-AccountStatusHelper, a multiple-account-presence QDBusAbstractInterface replacement for AutoConnect.
-PluginQueue, a QDBusAbstractInterface for presence and status message plugins.
-Presence / Status Message Inserter classes, for queuing presences and status messages.

New properties:
-TelepathyKDEDModulePlugin: KTp::PluginQueue pluginState().

New methods:
-TelepathyKDEDModulePlugin: virtual pluginInit(bool), method setPlugin(State), method setPlugin(KTp::Presence), method setPlugin(QString), method configureEnabled(bool).

New features:
-Newly enabled and online account presence changes to account requested presence, or plugin presence depending on autoconnect property, and plugin queue state.
-Offline global presence will override per-account presences temporarily.
-PluginQueue globs presence change events.
-StatusHandler dynamically disables and enables plugin queues if there are online accounts.
-StatusHandler and TelepathyKDEDModulePlugin no longer require GlobalPresence.

Various other cleanups, documentation, and improvements.

Compile, run.


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Change Summary:

Fix PluginQueue deferredChange signal so the StatusHandler doesn't ignore the AutoConnect setting.

1) New m_defferedChange bool.
2) queueChanged() now takes a bool argument.


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