Adds the possibility to change the Map Theme and Projection from within the Tour Widget playlist ( adds the GeoDataMapChange element )

Review Request #123406 - Created April 17, 2015 and updated - Latest diff uploaded

Marius Stanciu

DEPENDECY: -- Refactoring some classes. This patch needs those classes.
so be sure to apply 123594 patch first, then 123406.


  • GeoDataMapChange is introduced, as a tour primitive. It adds the possibility to schedule a map theme or projection change from within the Tour Widget Playlist.
  • MapChangeEditDialog makes editing possible for the GeoDataMapChange elements. It uses the same UI from the MapViewWidget.
  • KmlMapChangeTagWriter/Handler + KmlThemeTagHandler + KmlProjectionTagHandler make import/export possible this way:
    Example kmlFile:

    This, after parsing, represents a mapChange element that will change the current map theme to
    earth/citylights/citylights.dgml and projection to Spherical (Globe)

  • As it can be seen above, a new xml namespace was introduced (mx), because the new element is Marble only.

  • Adds a new icon for the mapChange item. ( mapChange.png )

I've tested the feature as much as I could and it worked. If you find any bugs, please report an issue.