Improved placemark sorting to make layouting stable with placemarks on same zoomLevel

Review Request #123322 - Created April 10, 2015 and submitted

Adam Dabrowski

Sorting takes place after joining placemarks from all relevant tiles. The order is:
1) zoomLevel (placemarks were already sorted by zoomLevel before this patch)
2) popularity
3) pointer value
This prevent cases like label flickering for same zoomLevel placemarks that are close to each other and moving.

Did testing and debugging to confirm that the order is exactly as intended. No unit tests are provided.

Torsten Rahn
Torsten Rahn
Adam Dabrowski
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Status: Closed (submitted)

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Submitted with commit 47eb3d5de43438acccd2820e1f9a94860c9fc4dc by Torsten Rahn on behalf of Adam Dabrowski to branch master.