Timer Plasmoid: Add notification on timer completion

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Bernhard Friedreich

Commit 1: Fixed codingstyle
Commit 2: Fixed warning "Unable to assign int to QEasingCurve"
Commit 3: Added notification on timer completion (not working yet)

Event is fired when the timer is finished (console.log output works) but the notification won't show up.

I get this message on console: Are we the only client? (Both have to be true) false true

How can I send a notification from qml (without c++)? Am I on the right track?

[Edit] Looks like the notification is working if the plasmoid is added somewhere but not from within plasmawindowed.. any ideas?

Bernhard Friedreich
David Rosca
David Edmundson
David Edmundson
Bernhard Friedreich
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