Search for public dep in KPeople's cmake config

Review Request #123032 - Created March 18, 2015 and updated

Hrvoje Senjan

Both KF5::PeopleBackend and KF5::PeopleWidgets need Qt5Widgets publicly, so search them.

Aleix Pol Gonzalez
Hrvoje Senjan
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Search only for Qt5Gui, it's used by 'core' KPeople library


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Hrvoje Senjan

Raised the issue of minimal vs all in r123031

Aleix Pol Gonzalez
Ship It!
Albert Astals Cid

This patch is whitespace only, i guess because was commited, if noone says anything against it, i'll close it in 2 weeks.

David Faure

No, it's whitespace because a reviewboard upgrade a year ago or so lost some patches, which had to be re-uploaded. It looks like this is one of them too. It's not necessarily committed. Hard to know for sure, but at least the summary doesn't match a commit in kpeople.