Fixed not showing the texture, when adding a Ground Overlay from the Edit Maps panel.

Review Request #122977 - Created March 16, 2015 and submitted

Dávid Kolozsvári

This feature worked in the past, but a regression occured. With git-bisect I was able to find the commit, wich introduced this bug, it was the last change made to EditGroundOverlayDialog.cpp 2 months ago, commit ID: f1b4a5dff6d30ff04a8b6bd3ff4ffdb0f0d60977.

I was able to fix this, adding a few changes to the file, without the need to revert the commit wich introduced this bug, because that commit was a bugfix too.

Testing was done, and works fine for me.

Torsten Rahn
Calin Cruceru
Torsten Rahn
Dávid Kolozsvári
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Submitted with commit f5b791dbea460ac6d4cd075eeb0fb4e8683889de by Torsten Rahn on behalf of Dávid Kolozsvári to branch master.