Krita - Move labels into the sliders, make them dpi dependent

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Moritz Molch

This patch moves the labels into the sliders in the main UI and makes the minimal width dpi dependent to give them a reasonable size on high resolution screens. It also fixes the "two line issue" in the sliders.

The slider labels can be disabled by adding the line
to the config at the moment.

It is good UI design to have elements that belong together also visually grouped together because it's easier for the eyes to parse, so it makes perfectly sense (that's also one of the reasons why gimp, blender and lots of other applications are doing this, it's not really about saving space)

Tested on Ubuntu 14.04

Boudewijn Rempt
Moritz Molch
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Submitted with commit 80128cb5942d8399a7e6aaf37f64d29806492689 by Moritz Molch to branch calligra/2.9.