Preserve translation domain when merging KXmlGui files

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Chusslove Illich
dfaure, lliehu

When two .rc documents that specify different translation domains are merged, only one of the two domains will appear in the merged document. This breaks translation of text elements under the dropped domain. To fix it, the top domain attribute (or the application domain) should be propagated to each text element before merging. Then, at the moment of translation, the local domain attribute should take priority over the top attribute (or the application domain).

This fix also works if the merged document is written out and later loaded. Hence the local translation domain attribute is added to schemas as well.

Reference bug report:

Tested an application that previously had an untranslated menu title due to this issue, now it is translated.

Lasse Liehu
David Faure
Chusslove Illich
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