Open source file paths that are relative to the current translation files if there are no project scripts to handle them

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Adrian Chaves

The paths of the translation files of most open source projects are relative to the translation files themselves.

This patch makes it so that when you click the source path of a translation unit while working on one of these projects, instead of being asked to configure a project script to handle opening source files, Lokalize opens the source file, no questions asked.

This only happens if there is no project script to handle opening files that can successfully handle the target source file path, and the source file does exist if you interpret its path as relative to the translation file path.

This is somehow related to Bug 204276, but it does not resolve that bug. I’ll leave a comment on that bug with more details.

I’ve tested this locally with the translation files of the Flare RPG-game engine (

Nick Shaforostoff
Adrian Chaves
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Submitted with commit e6ea6712142deed0072772c692609cc474d4d679 by Nick Shaforostoff on behalf of Adrián Chaves Fernández (Gallaecio) to branch Applications/15.04.