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Thomas Murach

I've always been looking for a feature (mostly in Kate et al.) to open all recently opened files at once. Every once in a while I think I'm done with some source code editing, realise that I'm not, and then have to click through all files one by one. With this patch opening all files at once gets possible. So much for the background. Still there are some open questions:

1) Is such a feature wanted at all?
2) Is the code quality/style ok?
3) Last but not least: This patch will work nicely with kate, presumably also with okular and some others, but I guess it will not work as expected with Kaffeine, for example, as new files which are to be opened will not get appended to a playlist but instead each file will get opened for an instance and then be replaced by the next opened file. Possible solutions: In principle it would be possible to add another signal passing a list of URLs to applications, which then have to define a suitable slot. Alternatively this patch could just not be applied and the feature I'm trying to introduce could be added to kate only... (I don't prefer that option ;) )

So, what are your opinions, comments, ideas? Thanks in advance!

PS I hope the reviewer group "kdeframeworks" is the right one...

I don't run KF5 on a daily basis, but in a Docker session the patch works nicely with Kate.

Kevin Funk
Gregor Mi
Thomas Murach
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I implemented Gregor Mi's idea to just add an option to enable this menu item now. What do you think?


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