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Kai Uwe Broulik
plasma, usability

This improves the calendar navigation by providing a "Year overview" showing all 12 months in a grid, and a "Decade overview" showing the current decade in a grid.

A lot of code has just been moved around. The overviews use a QML ListModel owing to laziness.

See for a screencast (I love that mouse click effect!)

I changed the selection to be persistent during navigation; other than that, should work as before, with the new overviews.


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I know this is nitpicking but... how is an arrow pointing to the left implemented as previous() meant to work ... Lukáš Tinkl Lukáš Tinkl
This should maybe be i18nc as well? Martin Klapetek Martin Klapetek
This should be i18nc (cause, you know, RTL and stuff) Martin Klapetek Martin Klapetek
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Martin Klapetek
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Martin Klapetek
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John Layt

Fantastic to see this :-) Pretty much as I documented it at (which was a serious crib from Windows anyway :-) ). The thing to add for the future will be clicking on the day takes you to an Agenda view with your calendar and holidays and even weather forecast for that day :-)

  1. That's within reach with KDEPIM joining the applications in 15.08. We've put that features on the plan for Plasma 5.5.