Add timedated support into the clock KCM as an optional dependency

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David Edmundson

The current time setting helper is incredibly broken.

It manually tries to run a range of NTP utilities, all of which are

We can just call timedated directly and cut out the middleman as it has
uses polkit anyway.

This is currently an optional dependency, and the original helper still
exists. It makes the code messy, but we have users to support for now.

Finding timedated is an cmake option rather than querying for systemd
libs to make it easier for those deploying shims, such as BSD.

(code is in two commits, first abstracting the saving from the dtime class; then adding in the second save mechanism)



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does it need to be a blocking dbus call? Any chance in getting it use a watcher? Martin Flöser Martin Flöser
suggestion: move it into the dbus reply check Martin Flöser Martin Flöser
This part can be async. You can do it by chain two different callback if it need to be done ... Xuetian Weng Xuetian Weng
Martin Klapetek
Martin Flöser
Martin Flöser
Martin Flöser
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David Edmundson
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