Add support to opus files in TagLibExtractor

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Juan Palacios

This patch add support to read the metadata contained in opus files.

The patch in review must be applied before this one.



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Vishesh Handa
Vishesh Handa
Juan Palacios
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Hrvoje Senjan

src/extractors/taglibextractor.cpp (Diff revision 1)

this raises required taglib version to 1.9, as opus is not supported earlier. or CMakeLists should probably be adjusted, or something like

  1. TagLib 1.9 was released in October, 2013. I think that add more code to support older versions of TagLib that probably (almost) nobody uses now (in the use context of kfilemetadata5) is a bad idea.
    So my vote is to raise required TagLib version to 1.9

    Vishesh, what do you think about this? How can be done? Just changing find_package(Taglib) to find_package(Taglib 1.9) in CMakeLists.txt will do the work?

  2. ubuntu 13.10 & openSUSE 13.1 have < 1.9 (speaking of real-world-support). i don't mind any solution, just wanted to indicate that this doesn't work with older taglib ;-)

  3. I'm all for increasing the taglib version.

    Distros can/should update their taglib.

  4. Fixed in commit 750e508