Do not create a new digest hash for OnDiskDeleted KDirWatch event

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Kåre Särs

If I modify and save a file that is open in two kate instances, the other instance will open the modified on disk dialog, but it is not possible to view the diff. On my system the disk-deleted and disk-created signals come in different signals (also to the delayed handler) and when the deleted event is handled the digest/checksum is updated and when the created event is received, the digest/checksum is already updated to the new file and the result is that the second event is chenged from created to unmodified.

This patch disables the digest creation on disk deletes.

(on my system the created signal is received over 500 ms after the delete signal)

With the patch it is now possible again to view the diff between what is on the disk and the open file

Kåre Särs
Kåre Särs
Christoph Cullmann
Kåre Särs
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