dolphin: configure status bar items with button instead of right click

Review Request #121375 - Created Dec. 7, 2014 and discarded - Latest diff uploaded

Gregor Mi

Suggestion to make the possiblity of having different status bar items more discoverable: introduce a configure button on the right side instead having to right click for the context menu. Screenshot:

EDIT: I am aware that adding another visual element to the clean GUI of dolphin might not be welcomed. And in this case probably also not needed because my point is the following: I find the "Space information" item very useful. But it is currently not visible by default. I found it only accidently back then. New users would surely not be repelled by this additional information. So what about making the "Space information" item visible by default (see kde-baseapps/dolphin/build/src/dolphin_generalsettings.cpp, line 90)?

Click on the new button, see the menu, click the items and watch how the status bar changes the same way it did with the context menu.