Use new style connect in KActionCollection::addAction()

Review Request #121285 - Created Nov. 28, 2014 and updated

Alex Richardson

Use new style connect in KActionCollection::addAction()

This requires

Kevin Funk

Alright, needs to be merged first.

OTOH, I'm not sure we like the raise to KF 5.5 for such a trivial patch. We might want to slowly settle for a minimum required KF5 version...

  1. Should be no need to commit this straight away, I doubt rebasing will introduce many conflicts.

  2. Well, we are probably requiring a new KTextEditor anyway. I think it's fine for now to keep expecting people to re-compile kf5 regularly.

    I guess most people here use kde-src-build, no?

Milian Wolff

Big +1 from my side, once the patch in KActionCollection landed. There will definitely be another KF5 release before we ever can think about releasing a KF5 based KDevelop. So that really is not an issue (yet). I'm all for improving KF5 as much as possible for our usecase. Once we are comfortable, we can attach ourselfs to a concrete KF5 version dependency. Not yet though.

Kevin Funk

Overruled ;)

Kevin Funk


  1. Note: This needs to wait until we depend on KF5 v5.28.0

Albert Astals Cid

Patch doesn't seem to apply anymore.

Friedrich W. H. Kossebau

Alex, could you help clean up of reviewboard and discard this patch? Given
it no longer applies (e.g. due to clang-based fixes which already cared for porting away from string-based connect)
used KActionCollection API might still need a while until it is part of min required version in KDevelop
* by nature this patch is more of a code simplification (after all the template method expands to same C++ code)
this patch could be redone in little time once it will can be taken to use, so keeping this old variant around does not have much value.
Agreed? If so, please note this as discarded, only admin & author can do that :)