Optimize: Reduce the amount of allocations required to build a query.

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Milian Wolff
dvratil, vkrause

The initial implementation of the QueryBuilder was quite naive, when
you look at the amount of string allocations it does to build the
final query we sent to the SQL server.

This was found with Linux perf (no, not even heaptrack!). It
showed a huge number of cycles spent in malloc/free, all called
eventually by the QueryBuilder.

This patch removes most of these allocations. It can further be
improved in the future, I bet. Also, the amount of queries we create
is pretty large. I guess using stored procedures or something similar
might also help the performance. At least, we should try to "remember"
some of our queries, and make it possible to reuse them in the
functions that run often.

The added benchmark shows that the cost is not as big as I'd initially
assumed. There are simply many more allocation occurrences in Akonadi
currently. Still, I think it's worth it, as it also decreases the
memory fragmentation and improves cache locality:

RESULT : QueryBuilderTest::benchQueryBuilder():
  0.0115 msecs per iteration (total: 116, iterations: 10000)

113.10MB bytes allocated in total (ignoring deallocations)
over 1203089 calls to allocation functions.
peak heap memory consumption: 254.46KB

RESULT : QueryBuilderTest::benchQueryBuilder():
  0.0065 msecs per iteration (total: 66, iterations: 10000)

62.42MB bytes allocated in total (ignoring deallocations)
over 343089 calls to allocation functions.
peak heap memory consumption: 254.96KB

So before, we had approx. 60 allocations per query build in the
benchmark (note that Qt for some reason executes the loop twice,
so while the time is measured for 10k iterations, heaptrack will
see 20k). With this patch applied, we only need ~20 allocations
per query we build up.

The remaining allocations are the various append operations to
the QList/QVectors mostly, as well as QueryBuilder::addAggregation.

REVIEW: 121247

querybuilder test runs, KMail runs - no errors shown on the CLI.

Daniel Vrátil
Milian Wolff
Milian Wolff
Milian Wolff
Milian Wolff
Daniel Vrátil
Milian Wolff
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